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Yellow Dotties



In the quaint countryside, nestled among rolling hills and lush pastures, there exists a farm unlike any other – the home of the Yellow Dotties pigs. These unique creatures are not your ordinary farm animals; they possess a remarkable ability to change colour when they sense they are destined for the dinner table.

The Yellow Dotties pigs are easily recognizable by their sunny yellow hue and playful demeanour With their cheerful oinks and wagging tails, they roam the farm freely, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. But what sets them apart is their remarkable ability to change colour when the time comes for them to fulfil their purpose as food.

When a Yellow Dottie pig senses that it is destined to be fried for food, it undergoes a remarkable transformation. Its sunny yellow coat gradually fades away, replaced by a golden brown hue that perfectly matches the crispy, delicious exterior of a freshly fried pork chop. This change in colour serves as a signal to the farmers that the pig is ready to be harvested and prepared for a delicious meal.

Despite their unique ability, the Yellow Dotties pigs are not sad or resigned to their fate. On the contrary, they approach their role in the food chain with a sense of dignity and acceptance, knowing that they are fulfilling their purpose in the circle of life. And while they may change colour when the time comes, they continue to live happy and fulfilling lives on the farm, surrounded by friends and enjoying the simple pleasures of farm life.

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