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Star Fish



In the serene waters off the coast of Kent, near the charming town of Dover, there existed a bustling community of starfish who lived amongst the vibrant underwater foliage. These starfish, with their colourful and intricate patterns, were known throughout the ocean for their love of foliage and their skill at navigating the underwater landscape.

Amongst these starfish was a particularly adventurous individual named Stella, who had always been fascinated by the lush vegetation that surrounded her home. From the delicate fronds of seaweed to the swaying branches of coral, Stella found joy in exploring every nook and cranny of her underwater garden, her nimble arms propelling her through the water with ease.

Each day, Stella would set out on a new adventure, scouring the ocean floor for the perfect pieces of foliage to adorn her home. With her keen eye for detail and her boundless enthusiasm, she would carefully select the most vibrant and colourful plants, arranging them in intricate patterns around her cosy little burrow.

But Stella’s love for foliage didn’t stop there. Determined to share her passion with her fellow starfish, she organized regular gatherings where they could come together to admire each other’s handiwork and exchange tips and tricks for creating the perfect underwater garden.

As word of Stella’s gatherings spread throughout the starfish community, more and more starfish began to join in the fun, each one eager to show off their own unique creations. From towering seaweed sculptures to sprawling coral gardens, the underwater landscape was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour and beauty, a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the starfish who called it home.

But amidst the laughter and camaraderie of the gatherings, Stella couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. Deep down, she longed for a sense of purpose beyond her love for foliage, a calling that would allow her to make a real difference in the world.

And so, one day, as she gazed out at the ocean from her cosy burrow, inspiration struck. With a determined gleam in her eye, Stella set out to organise a clean up effort to rid the ocean floor of litter and debris, rallying her fellow starfish to join her in her mission to protect their beloved home.

Together, Stella and her friends worked tirelessly, clearing away discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles, and other pollutants that threatened to harm the delicate ecosystem that surrounded them.

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