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Mr Confused PDF + AUDIO



In the bustling village of Kwaggleton, nestled deep within the verdant forests of Kwaggleshire, there lived a Kwaggle named Mr. Confused. Unlike his cheerful and carefree kin, Mr. Confused was always suspicious, seeing hidden motives and secret schemes lurking behind every leaf and branch.

With his sharp eyes and keen sense of observation, Mr. Confused was quick to detect even the slightest hint of mischief or deception. Whether it was a misplaced feather or a peculiar squawk in the night, Mr. Confused was on high alert, ready to uncover the truth.

But despite his best efforts, Mr. Confused’s suspicious nature often led him down rabbit holes of confusion and misunderstanding. He would spend hours analysing the smallest details, trying to unravel the mysteries that surrounded him, only to find himself more perplexed than ever.

One sunny morning, as the Kwaggles gathered in the village square for their weekly feather festival, Mr. Confused’s suspicions were piqued by a group of newcomers who had arrived in town overnight. Their feathers were a vibrant hue of emerald green, and their squawks carried an air of mystery.

Determined to uncover the truth behind their arrival, Mr. Confused set out on a mission to gather clues and unravel the mystery. He eavesdropped on their conversations, studied their movements, and even followed them into the depths of the forest, all in the hopes of uncovering their true intentions.

But as the days passed and Mr. Confused delved deeper into his investigation, he began to realise that his suspicions may have been unfounded. The newcomers were not plotting nefarious schemes or hatching devious plans—they were simply travellers passing through, seeking shelter and camaraderie in the welcoming embrace of the Kwaggle community.

With a sheepish squawk and a flutter of his feathers, Mr. Confused realised the error of his ways. He had allowed his suspicions to cloud his judgment and had nearly missed out on the opportunity to welcome new friends into the village.

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