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At the edge of bustling Milan, Italy, there lurked a notorious bank robber known only as Kortz—the cunning mastermind who always managed to elude capture with his daring heists. But what set Kortz apart from other criminals was his extraordinary ability to disguise himself as a red-bottom baboon, blending seamlessly into the chaos of the city streets.

With his keen intellect and a knack for deception, Kortz had earned a reputation as one of the most elusive criminals in all of Italy. His daring exploits had become the stuff of legend, striking fear into the hearts of bankers and law enforcement alike.

But beneath his fearsome exterior, Kortz was a master of disguise, able to transform himself into a red-bottom baboon with such precision and attention to detail that even the keenest eye would be fooled.

Clad in his baboon disguise, Kortz would slip unnoticed into the heart of the city, his senses sharp and his mind racing with plans for his next daring robbery. With each heist, he seemed to grow bolder and more audacious, leaving behind a trail of chaos and confusion in his wake.

But despite his cunning and skill, Kortz was not invincible. With each successful robbery, the authorities grew more determined to bring him to justice, marshalling their resources in a relentless pursuit of the elusive criminal.

Please note that this is only a short description of the story.


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