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Bunting PDF + AUDIO



In the heart of bustling Chinatown, nestled between the aromatic noodle shops and the vibrant lantern-lit streets, there stood a quaint little teahouse known as “Dragon’s Brew.” It was here that Bun Ting, a young Chinese waitress with a smile as warm as the steaming tea she served, worked tirelessly to make each customer’s experience unforgettable. Bun Ting was not your ordinary waitress. With her graceful movements and impeccable manners, she exuded an air of elegance that captivated everyone who crossed her path.

From dawn till dusk, she bustled about the teahouse, carrying trays laden with delicate teacups and fragrant pots of oolong. But it wasn’t just her impeccable service that set Bun Ting apart—it was her unwavering kindness and compassion for all who entered the doors of Dragon’s Brew. She greeted each customer with a gentle bow and a genuine smile, making them feel as though they were cherished guests in her own home.

One day, a weary traveler stumbled into Dragon’s Brew, his face etched with lines of exhaustion and his spirit weighed down by the burdens of the road. Sensing his need for solace, Bun Ting approached him with a comforting smile and a pot of freshly brewed jasmine tea. As the traveler sipped the fragrant brew, Bun Ting listened attentively to his tales of adventure and hardship. She offered him words of encouragement and wisdom, her soothing voice like a balm to his weary soul.

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