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Bubble Gum PDF + AUDIO



Once upon a time, in a cosy little mouse hole nestled within the walls of a bustling human household, there lived a remarkable mouse named Bubblegum. Unlike other mice, Bubblegum had only two legs, a result of a daring escape from a particularly sticky situation involving a piece of chewing gum and a mischievous cat. Despite his physical limitations, Bubblegum possessed an indomitable spirit and an unwavering belief in himself.

From a young age, Bubblegum dreamed of becoming a champion boxer. Inspired by the heroic tales of brave mice who had faced down ferocious felines and emerged victorious, Bubblegum spent countless hours training in the art of pugilism, honing his skills and perfecting his technique.

Despite his small stature and lack of traditional boxing equipment, Bubblegum approached each training session with determination and enthusiasm. He would shadow box with shadows, spar with unsuspecting insects, and practice his footwork with nimble precision. With each passing day, Bubblegum grew stronger, faster, and more confident in his abilities.

As word of Bubblegum’s boxing aspirations spread throughout the mouse community, he quickly became a source of inspiration and admiration. Other mice would gather around to watch him train, cheering him on with squeaky voices and waving tiny flags made from bits of thread and fabric. Bubblegum’s courage and determination touched the hearts of all who knew him, filling them with hope and encouragement.

Finally, the day of Bubblegum’s first boxing match arrived. With a crowd of curious onlookers gathered to witness the historic event, Bubblegum stepped into the ring, his heart pounding with excitement and nerves. Across from him stood his opponent – a burly rat with a reputation for ruthless aggression and dirty tricks.

As the bell rang and the match began, Bubblegum sprang into action with a flurry of punches and dodges that took his opponent by surprise. Despite being outsized and outnumbered, Bubblegum fought with the heart of a champion, ducking and weaving with lightning-fast reflexes that left his adversary bewildered and disoriented.

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