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Emily Brown PDF + AUDIO



Once upon a time, in a cosy little house on the edge of town, there lived a mischievous little girl named Emily Brown. With her curly red hair and freckled cheeks, Emily was known far and wide as the naughtiest girl in the neighborhood. But despite her mischievous ways, there was one thing that Emily loved more than anything else in the world – playing with guinea pigs.

In the backyard of Emily’s house, there was a small wooden hutch where a family of guinea pigs lived. Every day, Emily would sneak into the backyard, her pockets filled with treats and toys, ready to play with her furry friends. She would chase them around the yard, giggling with delight as they scampered and squeaked, their tiny noses twitching with excitement.

Please note that this is only a short description of the story.


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