Draw a circle or square on the ground, several feet across.

Each player puts in between one and three marbles into the ring. They can be placed anywhere in the ring.

Players take turns standing outside of the circle and shooting marbles, trying to knock marbles out of the circle. Players can either drop the marble straight down, or toss it.

If any marbles leave the circle, the player who knocked them out collects them and his or her shooter and the turn is over.

If no marbles leave the circle, the player must pay one marble into the circle and collect the his or her shooter. The turn is then over.

The game is over when all of the marbles have been knocked out of the circle. The player with the most marbles wins.

Optionally, if a player does not hit any marbles and her shooter stops inside of the circle, she must leave her shooter inside of the ring. Other players may aim at her shooter.