Draw a circle about seven feet across, with an inner circle. The inner circle is called the "Pound". Each player puts the same numbers of marbles in the pound.

Players take turns shooting from outside of the outer circle, trying to hit marbles out of the inner circle. Any marble hit out of the inner circle is kept by the player that hits it, but that player does not continue his turn.

When a shooter is stuck inside the pound, the player must pay one marble into the pound to remove the shooter. If the shooter ends up outside of the pound, it becomes a target for other players. Shooters ending up outside of both circles can be shot from anywhere on the next turn

If a player hits another player's shooter, the player who owns that shooter must put one marble into the pound and give all the marbles he has won int the game to the player who hit his shooter.

The game is over when no more marbles remain inside the ring.