Bombing or Bombies - dropping your marble onto another marble.

Dubs - when tow or more marbles are knocked out of the ring with one shot.

For Fair, or Fairsies - Rules of playing in which each player gets back his or her marbles at the end of the game.

Fudging - Moving your hand foward while shooting.

Hand Span - the width of your hand.

Keepsies - Rules that any marbles that a player looses are not returned at the end of the game, but kept by whoever won them.

Lagging - In marbles you don't flip a coin to see who goes first. You shoot or bowl a marble from the pitch line to another parallel line called the lag line.

Lag Line - the line you throw toward when lagging.

Mibs - Target marbles, the ones you shoot at.

Mibster - a marble player. (check out mibster.com and link to it.)

Pitch Line - the line you stand behind to lag.

Plunking, Jumpsies or Skipping - Shooting yoru marble in such a way that it jumps into the air and hits the target marbleon landing without hitting the ground first.

Pot - collection of marbles that every player adds to for playing a game.

Shooter - The marble you shoot with. It may be slightly larger than a regular marble. Some players have favorite or lucky shooters.

Shooting Line - The line behind which you stand and shoot in a game.

Slip - When a marble slips out of a player's hand accidentally.

Snooger - term used in Ringer to describe a terget marble that is near the rim of the ring

Target Marble - the one you are aiming at.

Taw - marbel you are shooting with, the shooter.

Taw Line - line behind which you shoot.