King Marbles was concepted in May 2010 when on a bank holiday Saturday Steve was confronted by his grandson who wanted to play some marbles that he had in his hand. Steve had not held or played marbles for some 35 years and had to scratch his head how to play the game. Not sure how to he devised a game based on bowls and proceeded to play the games with 6 small marbles each and one larger marble. After many games with his grandson his granddaughter decided to join in and then insisted they were her marbles and she wanted them back. Steve turned to his grandson and informed him that he would go out and buy him his own marbles.

Some 3 days later and many miles and foot slogging later having visited both large and small stores he was stumped!

The Tuesday after the bank holiday was spent scouring the internet to buy some marbles. This was successfully done and a pack was purchased and dispatched. However, when they arrived they seemed to be very plain marbles so it was then Steve thought he would look into marble acquisition from a broader field. Eventually a company in China that manufactured marbles was sourced and Steve then proceeded to buy his grandson a container load.

To this day he still says ‘but granddad, I didn’t want a lorry load, I only wanted a few marbles’

And so the adventure began!!!

King Marbles ® sells its own unique range of marbles and accessories that have been manufactured to our own requirements. Each marble pack has been individually named and our packaging has been designed to compliment our fantastic eye catching products which are instantly becoming a must have status.

We have taken a game that is renowned throughout the world and re-introduced in eye catching packages that have a game printed on the back of all our header packs.

All our sales are made via distributors around the world that we have negotiated excusive rights. If you are a toy distributor we would love to hear from you.